• Hosting Foreign Travellers

    Q: Are there only foreign residents living in this share house?

    The current sharehouse welcomes both local Japanese and foreign residents who appreciate LOCALIFE’s concept, staying together for at least half a year. At the same time, residents are encouraged to host foreign travellers as we offer a guest room for free, furnished with a double-decker bed for 3 - 7 days of homestay period.

    Q:Does this sharehouse serve as a guesthouse?

    The only shared similarity between LOCALIFE and guesthouses is where foreign travellers choose to spend the night in the comfort of a home rather than a hotel. However, guesthouses are operated on a paid basis while LOCALIFE provides free accommodation to these travellers who are genuinely interested to live and exchange cultural experiences with the locals; Japanese and foreign residents who live in Japan.

    Q:Who and how will someone welcome foreign travellers?

    LOCALIFE residents will be the host of the foreign travellers. Rest assured that we will guide residents on the ways and platforms used for hosting travellers. LOCALIFE currently holds two share houses located in Shinjuku and Mizonokuchi; we have been hosting more than 300 foreign travellers in the past few years.

  • Daily Life & House Rules

    Q:Will there be a duty roster for house chores?

    Yes. A short 10-minutes discussion among residents will be carried out weekly to assign household chores such as taking out the trash, shopping for shared items, finance matters, and the likes. We have the cleaning service in the common area so you don't have to clean regularly.

    Q:What is a residents meeting?

    A residents meeting is carried out to discuss details and changes related to household chores, house rules, upcoming gatherings to be suggested such as summer barbeque parties, as well as any relevant matters that require attention and decision from all residents.

    Q:Can I invite my friends or family members to stay in?

    Yes, as long as you notify who you are inviting in advance among residents.

    Q:Can I invite my friends to hang out in the share house?

    Yes, as long as you notify who you are inviting in advance among residents.

    Q:Is it compulsory to participate in all sharehouse gatherings?

    No, it’s not a compulsory. You may choose to participate according to your personal preference and schedule availability. Naturally, we warmly welcome those who look forward to having fun together ♪

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