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  • How LOCALIFE project has started.

    Don't you want to talk or discuss with local people when you travel abroad in addition to sightseeing touristy places?

    Warm feeling and connection

    In summer of 2014, we went to India to attend a wedding ceremony of Indian's friend.


    We met his big family, they let us stay in his home, treated us special dinner, and what's more, we talked overnight with local people about many of cultural, religious topics and values in life. It was limited time for us but we got a very good feeling and pleasure of experiencing a new world and people.

    One step inside

    Can't we also provide with this kind of experience in Japan?


    After some discussion, we started a project which we as local invite foreign guests. It'd even be better if some foreign people who live in Japan can also join this!

    As a traveler, you can feel like coming home each night, and residents can explore world just by living in the house.


    We believe that if you are a type of person with curiosity and hospitality, you can fit this place and like it very much.

    Put various LOCAL LIFE in the house. This is how LOCALIFE house has started.

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